Zeelandt Two Dukes Dunkelweizen 500 ml


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Here?s a dark weissbier tale.
Squabbling brothers, Dukes Wilhelm IV and Ludwig X of Whittelsbacher, ruled Bavaria side by side. Their rivals? The Degenbergers, a wealthy house licensed to tax wheat beer. Faced with wheat shortages, and surly peasants who would rather forgo their daily bread than their daily brew, the two dukes declared weissbier, like this dunkelweizen, strictly verboten. House Degenberger fell into ruin ? and their tax licence passed to the dukes. Weissbier was back on the menu.

Zeelandt?s Two Dukes Dunkelweizen features dark malts that bring complexity to this full bodied wheat beer. Bottle conditioned. Keep chilled.

5.2% ABV