Turkey Flat Rose Barossa 2023


Estimated delivery between July 24 and July 26.

Turkey Flat Rose is a dry, light bodied pink wine made from Grenache grown in the Barossa Valley (world headquarters of Shiraz) and tastes of fresh summer berries, layered with red fruit and spice notes on the finish. 

This is the 26th vintage of Turkey Flat Rose, which was first produced when light bodied pink wines were the absolute antithesis of what most wine drinkers wanted to consume back when bigger most definitely always meant better. How the tables have turned and now wines such as Turkey Flat Rose are viewed as the refreshing, light bodied ?reds? that they are. The residual sugar in this wine is 4.2 grams per litre and the alcohol is relatively modest for a Barossan wine, at 12.55 ABV.

Meet a lively and lovely newcomer to our shelves and to your glass.