Teremana Blanco 40% 750ml

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"Crafted in a small Mexican town, amidst the highest peaks of the Jalisco Highland mountains, every step of our tequila making process is meticulously done the right way at Destiler?a Teremana de Agave. The jimadores harvest fully mature naturally sweet agave, we then slow roast them in small traditional brick ovens, and distill in handmade copper pot stills. This creates a bright flavorful tequila that honors the land it comes from.

In life we care about the things that have deep meaning to us - family, friends, work, good times and the not so good times. Our tequila is no different. TEREMANA combines two words that are meaningful. 'TERE' derived from the Latin 'terra' meaning earth and 'MANA', the Polynesian word meaning spirit - Teremana is the "Spirit of the Earth".

Notes of bright citrus with a smooth, fresh finish.

AGAVE: 100% Blue Weber Highlands
NOM: 1613
ROASTING: Brick Oven
CALORIES: 96 per 1.5oz
CERTIFIED: Gluten Free



$100.99 $91.99