Stranger & Sons X Four Pillars 'Trading Tides' Gin 42.8% 700ml


Estimated delivery between July 24 and July 26.

Stranger & Sons have teamed up with Four Pillars in Australia to create a limited edition gin like no other! Introducing Trading Tides Coastal Gin, a dry gin distilled in India with Australian botanicals leading the charge.

Stranger & Sons Indian Spirited Gin is unique thanks to its famous botanical blend from local sources. When creating Trading Tides Limited Edition Coastal Gin, they were inspired by the tides and coast that connect them across the Indian ocean, and kept it in mind when they finalised the unique botanical blend for this spirit ? Juniper, White Pepper, Anise Myrtle, Lemon Myrtle, Rivermint, Angelica, Liquorice, Indian Coriander, Grapefruit Peels, Dried Mangosteen, Kokum and Tamarind.

A different gin with a different flavour profile calls for different cocktails (because, well, why not? We all love cocktails.)