Petrakopoulos Palia Armar?a Robola Kefalonia 2019

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If the word Robola doesn't ring any bells, that's because it's from the relatively remote Greek Ionian islands, such as Kefalonia, the fifth largest of all the country's islands and home to this super fresh, dry, full bodied white. 

Kefalonia is just south of the more famous island of Corfu to the west of the Pelopponese peninsula and the soils combined with the altitude (up to 900 metres above sea level) are diverse, resulting in a range of different styles of wines. 

About the Petrakopoulos winery

Petrakopoulos winery is located near to Thiramonas in the south of Kefalonia. Its grapes are grown on Mt Ainos and nearby and the winery is housed in a small villa, run by winemaker Kiki Siameli. 

This is an outstanding white and we also have a lower priced, exceptionally nice Robola, a younger sibling to this wine. 



$69.99 $64.99