One Drop Brewing Liquid Motueka Double IPA 440mL


Estimated delivery between May 26 and May 28.

A Single Hop DIPA made with our Wh?nau at Freestyle Hops. Championing the choice as kiwi cone Motueka - here we've used Freestyle Mid-late harvest Motueka, Sunshine Valley low-temp kilned Motueka, and Motueka SubZero Hop Kief? extract to capture all that bright citrus intensity Mot gives. Also, with the power of beer & friendship, we were able to supercharge this DIPA by utilising a rare Thiol-activated yeast strain in conjunction with an Australian exclusive shipment of Mega Motueka? - an exciting new hop blend born out of a collab between Freestyle Hops and Phantasm NZ. Tu meke!

8.4% ABV

BB: 21/12/23