Four Pillars X Warners Green Apple And Rhubarb Gin 41.8% 700ml


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TASTING NOTES Our distilling team set out to create a gin that  balanced the freshness and acidity of rhubarb and  apples with a bit of warmth, sweetness, and spice  from brown spices like cassia and nutmeg.  The resulting gin is an apple & rhubarb crumble in  a glass, a mixture of warmth and freshness perfect  to enjoying a G&T, a Highball or a Fruit Cup. And  because there?s so much natural fruit packed in this gin, a bit of haziness may develop overtime but  that?s nothing to worry about? it?s just all the fruit  reminding you it?s there!  

PRODUCTION NOTES With Warner?s certified as a B-Corporation and  Four Pillars certified as carbon neutral by Climate  Active, sustainable distilling is a huge focus for  both of us, which meant looking slightly left of field  for waste products which we could extract amazing  flavours from, such as cacao shells and fig leaf. Post-distillation is where the main flavours from  both regions come into play - the rhubarb juice  from Warner?s, and apples from the Yarra Valley  make up the heart of this gin. In fact, three separate  liquids are blended into the gin after distillation;  rhubarb juice, apple juice and an apple cider spirit.  These brings freshness, sweetness and crisp  acidity to both the palate and the nose