Domaine Michel Lafarge Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2020


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Michel Lafarge was one of the greatest winemakers in modern Burgundy and he forged a reputation for making outstanding quality wines from Volnay, including top of the line Pinot Noirs from the Burgundy region (also known as Bourgogne). 

This fleshy, fruit forward wine is a great example of Pinot Noir from Burgundy with character and regional flavours of earthy, spicy notes and a tart cherry acidity adding drive and nerve to the wine. 

Lafarge passed away in January 2020 at the age of 91. His passing was marked by an outpouring of respect from all over the wine world. The domaine, now run by his son Fr?d?ric and granddaughter Clothilde, is rightly hailed as one of the finest estates in Volnay. The domaine is farmed biodynamically, using eco-friendly resources including a band of travelling chickens to eat vineyard pests and a horse to plough between their 10 hectares of vines. The vineyards are planted on some of the best sites in Volnay and Beaune and their winemaking is sensitive but traditional, with just a small amount of new oak used to allow the wines? finesse to shine through. The result is some of the finest-made and longest-lived wines in Burg

Today, Michel Lafarge? son, Fr?deric, runs the around 10 hectares of vines and own some of the very best sites in Volnay. The domaine is run very much by instinct and respect for the terroir, with no sense of imposition and with biodynamic techniques.