Coopers Regency Park Red Ale 4pk


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Coopers Regency Red Ale is our latest Limited Edition product, released to celebrate Cooper?s 160th Birthday in 2022. The Coopers brewing team have created a unique interpretation of the red ale style, brewed with the finest ingredients using traditional ale techniques.

Our Australian interpretation of this hoppy red ale style combines a moderate biscuit and nutty palate with fruity hop characters and a spicy bitterness. Regency Red Ale is distinguished by its rich malt character arising from the selection of two varieties of caramalt, in combination with crystal and roasted malts. The caramalts impart a distinctive ruby red colour to the ale, which is crowned with a fine creamy head. Famous Australian hops Melba and Eclipse provide a bitterness of 40 IBU, balancing the honey and caramel sweetness. These hops have been used judiciously during brewing for late hop flavouring, and again in the fermenter to provide a fruity dry-hop character. Together, these fragrant hops add notes of stonefruit, grapefruit, mint and zesty orange peel to the aroma and flavour of the beer.

Coopers? distinctive ale yeast imbues the unmistakeable ester characters in this delicious malt-driven brew. A deceptively drinkable ale at 5.5% ABV is achieved after Coopers? renowned secondary fermentation.