Blackadder Red Snake 107 20PPM 59.8%

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The Red Snake range by renowned indy bottler Blackadder is bottled next to their Black Snake range. This particular Blackadder Red Snake 20PPM Raw Cask is very peaty, with 22ppm. It comes out of a first-fill ex-bourbon hogshead that was lovingly named ?Redneck 107?. It had a turnout of 192 bottles. It was not filtered, hence the Raw Cask statement on the Blackadder label. Expect a lot of lovely floatiness in this Blackadder Red Snake 20PPM Raw Cask! There are yellow fruits on the nose, but also ginger and walnuts and of course those lovely peaty campfire notes. Peatiness does not overrule the laste. You can expect a good balance of spices and yellow fruits.