Bernheim Wheat Whiskey 45% 700ml

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Named after Bernard Bernheim, one of two German immigrants who founded the Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, KY in the 19th century, Bernheim Wheat Whiskey is distilled and produced by the esteemed Heaven Hill Distilleries company.Bernheim is bottled at 90 proof in a sophisticated, yet unassuming bottle, similar in shape to Woodford Reserve, sealed by a wax-covered cork, and packaged in a slim and attractive reusable box that will fit easily into your cabinet. Instead of the richer, bolder blush of whiskeys distilled from well, anything else, Bernheim?s exudes a light and airy honey color that is non-threatening, even inviting. To the eye, it is more similar to many Scotch or Irish whiskeys than what you may be accustomed to seeing in its American brethren.It has a warm, yet sweet aroma that is delicate without coming off as too wispy. One almost has to wonder at first glance if it will taste syrupy, as its texture seems to threaten, but will likely be pleased to find that it has a fruity, nutty flavor that seems to miss the tongue and leave the drinker wanting another taste right away. While sipping it neat is quite good, I find that adding a splash of filtered water will refine its textures and bring out a crisper experience.Source:



$101.99 $89.99