Gunpowder Rum 51.6% 700 ml


Estimated delivery between July 26 and July 28.

Inspired by the life of Blackbeard the Pirate this intense blend of Caribbean rums is spiced with chillies, tobacco substitute, and traditional black gunpowder. At 51.6% it is guaranteed to fire up any drink and take no prisoners

NOSE: Fireworks, smoke, caramel, guy fawkes, tea, liquorice, jasmine, burnt hay, paprika, coffee, tomato cup'o'soup, plastic, chilli, tobacco, burnt, gunpowder. 

PALATE: Chilli sauce, rusty tail pipe, ash tray, shoe polish, chocolate, explosive tom thumb. 

FINISH: Initially vanilla, port royal, hicory, dutch liquorice, cordite, the chilli rides the alcohol, longest ever finish. RWS/DMM