Smooth Ambler Contradiction 46% 700ml

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Contradiction is a blend of wheat based and traditional bourbon whiskey. It is non-chill filtered and full-bodied, with notes of dried fruit and butter rum, and has the end-result of tasting like a four-grain bourbon.

Mashbill: Merchant bottled bourbon made with corn, rye and malted barley married with homemade bourbon made with corn, wheat and malted barley.

Distillation Process: Continuous column distillation and pot distillation.

Aging: A blend of different straight whiskeys, there are different ages represented in Contradiction. The majority whiskey is more than 9 years in age.

Source of grains: Grains from a variety of sources.

Tasting Notes: Full of oak, dried cherries, vanilla, and cinnamon creating a signature mature bourbon nose.  Sweet from the wheat and spice from the rye and a bit of leather round out the palate. Its viscosity creates a smooth and pleasant finish.

World Whiskey Awards: Gold Medal
Ultimate Spirits Challenge: 96 points
Whisky Advocate: 90 points
Spirits of the Americas Awards: Bronze Medal