Cocchi Barolo Cinato 130th Anniversary Limited Release 18% 750ml


Estimated delivery between July 18 and July 20.

Cocchi is celebrating its 130th anniversary with the launch of a limited-edition Barolo Chinato  modelled after a 19th-century recipe. Guilio Cocchi, a pastry chef, founded his namesake company in Asti in 1891. To commemorate its 13 decades, Cocchi has created a single vineyard, single-cask, single  vintage aromatised wine called Barolo Chinato Tipo Esportazione, based on a recipe first  developed in the 19th century exclusively for export markets. The recipe was originally formulated with a higher ABV and a specific  blend of herbs and spices, so it would maintain its quality throughout  long journeys by ship. The new bottling is made from the 2016 Barolo DOCG vintage grown in  a single vineyard on the Castiglione Falletto Estate, Piedmont, Italy.  The expression?s botanicals include cinchona bark, rhubarb root,  gentian flowers, laurel leaves, cardamom, coriander and orange  peel. Sitting at 18% ABV, the Barolo Chinato was created for straight  sipping and is said to pair well with dark chocolate. 

THE BOTTLE Each bottle is wax-sealed by hand and features a reproduction of the 1900s label.  In preparation for the gifting season, it comes in a ?luxury? box, along with reprints of vintage  Cocchi postcards The Barolo Chinato Tipo Esportazione is a highly collectable Limited Edition distributed in  premium packaging: ? Reproduction of 1900?s label, hand drawn and printed with vintage technique ? Each bottle is sealed by hand with sealing wax and stamp. ? Premium wooden box with brass plate. ? Accompanied by reprint of vintage Cocchi postcards.

TASTING NOTES On the nose, it offers rich, woody notes of cinchona bark, dried  tobacco leaves, dried roses and cocoa beans, while the palate  brings sweetness, dark berries, violets, velvety tannins along with  cardamom, liquorice and bitter orange peel. The finish delivers  charred wood, cloves and eucalyptus, plus lingering dark  chocolate. Limited edition of 1200 numbered bottles.