Belasco de Baquedano Llama Malbec 2021


Estimated delivery between July 26 and July 28.

Belasco de Baquedano is a leading winery located in the Mendoza region of Argentina. The winery is lucky enough to have very old vines of original Malbec vines first planted in 1910 - these old vines are the secret to Belasco De Baquedano's success. The old vines consistently produce wines that are full-bodied, juicy and complex with layers of flavour development.

100% Malbec from vines that are over 100 years old.  6 months in oak barrels.

This blend boasts an elegant aromas and flavors of plums, cherry, and violet flowers. It is ripe with strawberries and dark fruit. This full-bodied red finishes with well integrated tannins and moderate oak.

This blend can pair with a handful of dishes but a few we highly recommend trying are: baked ham with a honey, Dijon and thyme glaze or an old fashioned meat loaf.