Peat's Beast Batch Strength 52.1% 700ml

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This heavily peated single malt Scotch whisky is jam packed with coastal air and bonfire ember notes with plenty of power behind it. Not for the faint of heart, this one.

Colour - Glows like a barley field of shimmering gold

Nose - Elegant and refined. Soft delicate honey notes are entwined with vanilla spice, creamy caramel and cinnamon. Then suddenly? the growl of bonfire smoke, sea spray, cardamom and tar rope hits you. The beast is awake!

Taste - You can feel its immense power as it pours onto your palate like a violent thunderstorm. You need to brace yourself. Its ?natural strength? is untamed and ferocious. Yet, seconds later - this beastly peaty, fiery spirit is soon soothed by the warmth of your tongue. Almost immediately a calmness, a stillness pervades as seductive notes of moist banana cake, thick treacle, mocha with whispers of sweet pineapple , ginger and cumin finally come into play to give you an unforgettable aftertaste. Everyone has a little beast in them - this one more than most.