Weezledog Brewing Company began life soon after the birth of our daughter, Ruby. With Marie, the breadwinner returning to work, Mark and Ruby were left to fend for themselves during the normal workday hours.

While continuing to work as a chocolate cake baker by night, Mark relished the opportunity to be a free man during the day. A popular beer blog, in-store tastings for then pioneer of craft beer Tuatara, some random bits and pieces of sales support for fledgling Auckland brewery start-ups, President of the Auckland homebrewers club, bar work at an ‘almost craft’ beer bar, and an awful 3am morning paper run filled the time and helped to put beer in the young family’s glasses.

Keeping busy also provided the opportunity to meet the people who have helped us to where we are today. We met Ian Hebblethwaite from Black Sands Brewery, a retired marketer who have recently purchased the old Scotts Brewery in Kelston. He needed someone for all the heavy lifting, hard work, and other general brewery work, and we needed a place to brew our beer.

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