Imagination Gift Pack 3 X 200ml Gin

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IMAGINATION gin is the passionate adventure of good mates Simon Wilson and Chris Charteris. Each label tells the story of the ingredients, the place or the people behind what's in the bottle.

Rhubarb and Raspberry gin is inspired by the New Zealand summer which is when both of these ingredients are at their best.  We gently extract the juice from the rhubarb and raspberries and blend of it with a dry gin designed specifically for this recipe.  The floral aroma of orris root is prominent on the nose with juniper, coriander and manuka maintaining the delicate piney heart of this gin.  Whole New Zealand navel oranges and lemons create a citrus complement to the fruity base with cinnamon, licorice and the orris root ensuring a surprisingly sweet spice finish.

This label was inked by the hugely talented Kapiti Coast Tattoo designer and illustrator Sam Philips.  You can check out his work at

REIKORANGI TRIPLE DISTILLED DRY GIN Distilled in an  8 plate fractionating column still.  Juniper and coriander are complemented by the leafy earthiness of manuka to create the heart of this gin.  Whole New Zealand oranges and lemons add a refreshing citrus aroma and cinnamon and licorice leave a sweet lingering spice finish.

This label was inked by Juse from Taupou Tatau tattoo studio, Wellington, New Zealand.

Damson Plum & Blackberry Gin Liqueur is inspired by an old English sloe gin recipe using New Zealand grown autumn fruits.  The plums have been macerated for 4 months in a dry gin styled specifically for this liqueur developing sour cherry line tones which are prominent on the front palate.  The sweetness of the blackberry and the delicate spices and citrus of the gin fill the background creating a truly characterful gin liqueur.  Drink chilled, straight as a dessert liqueur or with ice and mixers as a delicious gin cocktail.

This label was inked by Rob "Bobby Tech" Mckenzie from Two Hands Tattoo Studio in Auckland, New Zealand. We think he has perfectly captured the sultry warmth of this gin. 



$85.99 $78.99