Cardrona Gift Box (The Reid Vodka 44% 750ml + Siphon)


Estimated delivery between June 27 and June 29.

Sip your vodka, lime & soda in style, while also caring for the planet. Cardrona Distillery?s gift set pairs this beautiful soda siphon with the luxuriously rich ?the reid? single malt vodka. The gift set comes in a beautiful Cardrona Distillery branded wooden box, contents include a single 750ml bottle of ?the reid? single malt vodka (44% ABV), one soda maker & 4 soda cartridges

The Reid Malt is a rich, full-bodied vodka; handmade, traditional. Crafted from three ingredients, malted barley, water and yeast. On the nose; notes of banoffee- biscuit from the malt, banana from the distinct long fermentation.