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Elderflower is the pioneer of the cordial family. It was the first of the Aroha team to arrive back in 2007 and is used as the base for the Elderflower Sparkle range.Each November, pickers return from all corners of the globe to help the harvest. The elderflower is sourced from the wild, on the plains of Canterbury. They bloom beneath the mighty Southern Alps with the warm rays of Spring. The blossom collected each day is steeped for 24 hours giving over all its goodness to the syrup. For one intense month, pickers pick the most perfect blooms. When the season of elderflower blossom ends we all celebrate with an Aroha Harvest Festival and copious amounts of elderflower cider. Which is drunk with reverence and in moderation.Elderflower has a floral scent and its taste hints of honeydew, gooseberry and lychees. Elderflower was traditionally known as the "Country Folk?s Medicine Chest? because it was used for a variety of remedies. It has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and is known to soothe the respiratory system and joints.P.S It's great added to black tea, mixed with white spirit cocktails, or for poaching salmon.Source: