Zenkuro Untouched Muroka Nama Genshu Junmai Ginjo Sake 750 ml


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Untouched ? Muroka Nama Genshu ? Jyunmai Ginjo 1

Zenkuro UNTOUCHED Muroka nama genshu is a very special style of sake which can only be produced in small amounts from each batch of sake. Only the sake from the very middle part of the pressing process is used, after it has been laboriously drip pressed. This middle take is the cleanest and most delicate portion of sake. Without processing, aging or blending, it immediately offers up sake with naturally well balanced flavours, gentle umami, soft viscosity and delightful aromas. In order to share this with you, the sake has been bottled in this fresh, untouched condition; un-filtered, unpasteurised and un-diluted.

Zenkuro UNTOUCHED will complement the full range of wonderful food flavours.

17% ABV