X-Gin 500ml


X-Gin is an intriguingly flavoured, innovative gin from Belgium. It’s made with juniper and other botanicals, many of which you would find in indulgent chocolates. This includes Colombian cocoa beans, Piedmonte hazelnuts, Avola almonds, vanilla pods, wild chillies and more.

The name X-Gin refers to the origins of the cocoa beans where the Incas, Aztecs and the Mayans brewed a nectar of which they believed that this was a drink intended for gods, kings and queens that provided a longer life, extra intelligence and a aphrodisiac. They called this drink Xocoatl. According to legend, it was the world's first aphrodisiac. The 'Xocoatl' recipe was revived and brought back as the X-gin.

Sweet & soft with notes of vanilla and cocoa on the nose. Smooth and sublime taste, with a hint of cocoa and an aromatic touch of the real vanilla. Light finish with notes of citrus and cocoa.

Perfect served with ice, premium mixer, raspberries and some coca nibs (included with bottle) or in a Gin Espresso Martini!

Volume: 500ml ABV: 44%

Country: Belgium

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