Wittmann Kirchspiel Riesling GG 2016


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This iconic German wine comes from one of Germany?s great vineyards in its largest wine region, the Rheinhessen,  home to 26,281 hectares (approximately the same size as Marlborough, New Zealand with its 26,850 hectares). The Wosthofen Kirchspiel Vineyard is 44.2 hectares and its grapes are used by several different producers, the most respected are Wittman, Groebe, Keller and Seehof-Ernst Fauth.
This is a dry wine made by a member of the VDP, the group of quality minded German winemakers who have systematically set about ransforming the style, quality and perception of their country's best wines.

It's dry with up to 9 grams residual sugar per litre as the name trocken (dry) on the label must comply with. 13% ABV.