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  • Windspiel Premium Gin

Windspiel Premium Gin

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4 friends purchased the Weilerhof farm in the volcanic Eifel region of Germany. The purchase was driven by a shared dream to carve out an autonomous lifestyle free of constraint. In the early stages the group had no plans to produce Gin or Vodka. However, the vision was formed one evening over a meal of their own potatoes......why didn‘t they make a gin from the noble potato instead of the usual grain?? From here they employed an experienced master-distiller (Holger Borchers) to extract the best from their prized-potatoes. And so.....Windspiel was created.

Classic juniper berries, lemons and coriander combined with potatoes cultivated in rich volcanic soil result in a traditional gin flavor that is mild and delicate. To give it a special character, cinnamon bark and lavender as well as other botanicals have been added to a secret recipe of the master distiller.                                                           

Windspiel Gin has a floral and fruity aroma. In the mouth, its texture is very smooth – even creamy. The flavour is well-balanced and sophisticated, with woody and herbal tones that combine with a pronounced juniper note, as befits a London Dry. There is a refreshing citrus element to round off the taste.                                                                                                     

Volume: 500ml ABV: 47%

Country: Germany