Windspiel Barrel-Aged Potato Vodka 500ml


4 friends purchased the Weilerhof farm in the volcanic Eifel region of Germany. The purchase was driven by a shared dream to carve out an autonomous lifestyle free of constraint. In the early stages the group had no plans to produce Gin or Vodka. However, the vision was formed one evening over a meal of their own potatoes......why didn‘t they make a gin from the noble potato instead of the usual grain?? From here they employed an experienced master-distiller (Holger Borchers) to extract the best from their prized-potatoes. And so.....Windspiel was created.

Using starchy potatoes, the distiller uses his special technique to create a spirit that is low in alcohol without losing the characteristic potato flavor. The Vodka is then stored in the barrel for a few months and acquires its very own characteristic flavor - delicate hints of caramel.                                                                                                                                                      On the nose, green straw with wet earth and cedar wood with a lemony structure. On the palate, delicate lemon straw and woody characters with a rich, creamy texture. Very well made and bursting with flavours.

Volume: 500ml

ABV: 42%

Country: Germany

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