Wilderness Lignum Triple Oak Barrel Aged Saison 500ml



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Triple oak barrel aged saison.

This beer started out as an experiment to see what would happen if you aged a regular strength pale beer in fairly expressive oak barrels. Fermented out with a saison yeast in primary this beer then spent 4 months in an American oak (4 Roses Bourbon) barrel before we racked it into a French oak barrel (ex pinot) for another 14 months.
Finally we dry hopped the beer with HBC-472 - an experimental hop variety that has oak/bourbon/vanilla notes.

6.1% ABV

Please note: These barrel aged styles of beer are more similar to wine in the sense that they develop more with age, also as they are bottle conditioned there is yeast still working away in the beer itself which also develops the beers flavour over time.

Bottled on: July 2020

Best before: July 2022