Ti Toki Liqueur Crock 500 ml


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Ti-toki Liqueur is most often recognised by the 500ml hand-made ceramic crock in the shape of a "Tekoteko", the carved figure that guards against evil spirits on the top or in front of a Maori meeting house. These make wonderful souvenirs and gifts and some of the older versions have become sought after collectors items.. Ti-toki Liqueur is also available in a stylish 500ml glass bottle or in 50ml miniatures. A good liqueur should unfold on the palate in a series of taste sensations. While the first taste of Ti-toki Liqueur reveals a certain texture and warmth, it is followed by a deliciously smooth sweet after-taste.; The second, third and fourth tastes unravel slightly different depths and sensations.Ti-toki Liqueur is 37% proof and incredibly versatile! Savour it ?straight up? ? either at room temperature or chilled over ice; or in a delicious cocktail, as a speciality coffee or use in desserts..