The Reid Single Malt Vodka 750ml - 2021 Love Edition


2021 Love Limited Edition bottles specially made for Winter Pride 2021. 

Making a statement with glitter bombing the entire bottle. There are 7 different colours and it is a lucky dip which one you get. Raising awareness through every colour fo the rainbow. 500 available bottles only. These glitter queens are looking for a place to go. First in first served. 

'The Reid' Single Malt Vodka is made from just three ingredients; barley, water and yeast. Named for three of the distillery's founders, 'The Reid' starts life in the same way as their Single Malt Whisky, giving fullness and body to this uncompromising Vodka. The Scottish two-row barley is milled, mashed and then fermented. It is then distilled in a  7.5 metre German column still. Pure, alpine Cardrona water is added back to bottle strength of 44 percent alcohol by volume.

This unique vodka is very rich in characteristics, on the nose and palate. There are notes of banoffee - biscuit from the malt, banana from the distinct long fermentation and even a hint of caramel coming through at the end.

Volume: 750ml

ABV: 44%

Country: New Zealand


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