St George Gin Gift Pack 3x200ml


Fancy a taster or perhaps you're looking for a gift or treat for a gin lover? 1St George Gin Gift Pack features 3x200ml of St George Gins with their gin range: St George Terrior Gin, St George Botanivore Gin and St George Dry Rye Gin. Perfect treat or gift for any time of the year and for all occasions. 

St George Terrior Gin

Forest-driven and earthy, Terroir is a profoundly aromatic gin with a real sense of place. Wildcrafted local Douglas fir and California bay laurel form Terroir’s aromatic signature together with 10 more botanicals help complete the picture. A well-seasoned wok to roast the coriander seeds used in Terroir Gin.

Forest in a glass surrounded by Douglas firs and woodsy herbal aromas. Fresh, with more fir, pine and bay laurel alongside the coastal sage. Well-structured and moreish on the palate. Evocative, very long with citrus and lingering herbaceous finish.

Stunning on the rocks or in a martini. Absolutely lovely in a Collins garnished with fresh fennel and bay leaf.

Volume: 700ml ABV: 45%

Country: USA


St George Botanivore Gin

St George Distillery's most traditional offering, 

Botanivore, St George's “botanical eater,” has 19 botanicals working in harmony: angelica root, bay laurel, bergamot peel, black peppercorn, caraway, cardamom, cilantro, cinnamon, citra hops, coriander, dill seed, fennel seed, ginger, juniper berries, lemon peel, lime peel, orris root, Seville orange peel, star anise!

Spicy with fennel, cardamom and orange peels shining through, but sweetness coming from the cinnamon and orange peel balances it out on the nose. Earthy spices, crystallised ginger and caraway on the palate. Cool and refreshing finish. 

This is an elegant, perfectly balanced, herbaceous and deeply layered gin that is very approachable and makes a fine Gin Martini! 

Volume: 200ml ABV: 45%

Country: USA



St George Dry Rye Gin

A base of 100% pot-distilled rye makes this a gin for whiskey lovers—and for gin im-purists willing to take a walk on the rye side.

The St George Dry Rye Gin is made in the same 1,500-liter copper pot still that is used to make the Terroir and Botanivore Gin but starting with unaged rye as the base spirit, giving this gin its warm, malty signature.

Think genever, then think again—and brace yourself for a gin with structure, spice, and an impossibly rich mouthfeel.

Made with six botanical ingredients: juniper berries, black peppercorn, caraway, coriander, grapefruit peel, lime peel. 

Spices leap out at you on the nose with warming pepper, juniper, a little rocket and malt. Grapefruit, lime, coriander, caraway, Wine Gums and Smith Kendon travel sweets. Malty, peppery juniper, Moroccan spices, rye and coriander on the palate. Warming, flavoursome peppercorn and creamy at the finish.

Warm and spicy, this gin has a natural affinity with bitters, citrus, stone fruit, and ginger.

Perfect in a Negroni, a Martinez, a Gin Buck or any classic cocktail that calls for rye whiskey. You’ll never look at an Old Fashioned the same way again.

Volume: 750ml ABV: 45%

Country: USA

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