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  • St George Dry Rye Gin 750ml

St George Dry Rye Gin 750ml

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St George Spirits was founded in 1982 and has grown from a dedicated Eau De Vie distillery into a diverse operation that makes a great range of craft spirits. The team of Jörg Rupf, Lance Winters and Dave Smith have helped propel the distillery into the frontline of the gin world, making a line of gins that is as well-respected as it is imaginative. 

A base of 100% pot-distilled rye makes this a gin for whiskey lovers—and for gin im-purists willing to take a walk on the rye side.

The St George Dry Rye Gin is made in the same 1,500-liter copper pot still that is used to make the Terroir and Botanivore Gin but starting with unaged rye as the base spirit, giving this gin its warm, malty signature.

Think genever, then think again—and brace yourself for a gin with structure, spice, and an impossibly rich mouthfeel.

Made with six botanical ingredients: juniper berries, black peppercorn, caraway, coriander, grapefruit peel, lime peel. 

Spices leap out at you on the nose with warming pepper, juniper, a little rocket and malt. Grapefruit, lime, coriander, caraway, Wine Gums and Smith Kendon travel sweets. Malty, peppery juniper, Moroccan spices, rye and coriander on the palate. Warming, flavoursome peppercorn and creamy at the finish.

Warm and spicy, this gin has a natural affinity with bitters, citrus, stone fruit, and ginger.

Perfect in a Negroni, a Martinez, a Gin Buck or any classic cocktail that calls for rye whiskey. You’ll never look at an Old Fashioned the same way again.

Volume: 750ml ABV: 45%

Country: USA