Bret Brothers Soufrandiere Pouilly Vinzelles Les Quarts 2021

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Commercial description

Clay-limestone, very rich in iron oxide (red), on Bajocien, on the highest and stoniest part of the “Les Quarts” site. East, South-East exposure. 20% slope.

Manual harvest, whole bunch pressing, 100% vinified and aged in pieces (228 litre barrels) for 11 months then 6 more months in vats for natural clarification.

Walk, listen, smell. You are in the ploughed vines of Soufrandière in the Pouilly-Vinzelles Climat “Les Quarts”, in this terroir that we consider to be one of the best in Burgundy, perhaps out of inordinate love, or perhaps out of deep conviction. The bell tower, an old shelter whose roof is covered with glazed tiles, is almost its guardian. The earth is supple, airy, fragrant, licorice-like. She lives. The terroir is simply there. The almost magical exposure (on a south-eastern slope) of our oldest Chardonnay vines, aged 45 to 80 years, and the living clay-limestone soil (Bajocian rich in siliceous crystals) thus give rise to wines that will age. Lemony and mineral nose, balance, complexity and length on the palate. Vintages pass, the Terroir remains. It’s up to us to preserve it!