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  • Sharish Blue Magic Gin 500ml

Sharish Blue Magic Gin 500ml

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Mutli-award winning Sharish Blue Magic Gin is produced in Alentejo, Portugal. This superb colour changing gin is made from 100% Portuguese fruit. Its “magic” unique colour is attained from a flower call Clitoria Ternatea, or blue pea. 

When mixed with tonic water or any other citric based mixers, the pH levels changes, causing the colour of the gin to change from deep blue to all shades leading up to soft pink. The botanicals used in this gin are: Juniper, Coriander seeds, liquorice, angelica root, Alentejo lemon peel, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, Clitoria Ternatea, strawberry and raspberry.

Loads of raspberry and strawberry notes up front. Stem ginger and coriander follow but the berries are the main attraction here. Warm spice on the palate with hints of cinnamon and ginger. Lemon & angelica notes develop mid palate followed by bursts of berry notes. Soft juniper finish.

Serve with premium tonic & red fruits (strawberry and/or raspberries).

Sharish Blue Magic Gin is internationally recognised and has won the below awards:

Gold Medal in 2016 Concours Mondial Bruxelles

Silver in 2016 Gin & Tonic International Wine & Spirit Competition

Bronze in the 2016 International Wine & Spirit Competition


Volume: 500ml ABV: 40%

Country: Portugal