Pusser's British Navy Rum 700ml


Rum and the sea are inseparable, and no rum is more akin to the sea and the  sailor than Pusser’s Rum – the Original Navy Rum. For more than 300 years, from the earliest days of wooden ships and iron men, sailors of Great Britain’s Royal Navy were issued a daily ration – or “tot”– of rum by the ship’s “Purser” (corrupted by the sailors to Pusser’s).                           

Prior to 1740, the men’s daily tot of Pusser’s Rum was a pint a day, which they drank neat, that is without water! Before battle, they were issued a double "tot", and always after victory for a job well done! From 1655 to the 19th century, Pusser’s Rum was one of the few daily comforts afforded those early seamen of Britain’s Navy as they fought around the globe to keep the Empire intact and its sea lanes open. It was not until July 31st, 1970 that the Admiralty Board abolished the daily issue of Pusser’s Rum.                                                                                                                                                                                            “Times had changed”, they said as they concluded that “in a highly sophisticated navy no risk for margin or error which might be attributable to rum could be allowed”. And so it was that the daily issue of Pusser’s Rum, which had stood the test of time as the Navy’s longest serving tradition for over 300 years, was cast aside like a piece of flotsam and jetsam where it lay quietly until 1979.

This rum has an excellent nose with heavy rum and oak tones, reminders of sorghum or molasses with a hint of sweetness. Vanilla and honey work  the palette. Slight peppery aftertaste, exceptionally smooth, complex and  lingering finish.

Volume: 700ml

ABV: 40%

Country: West Indies

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