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  • NY Distilling Co Perry's Tot Navy Strength Gin

NY Distilling Co Perry's Tot Navy Strength Gin

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Matthew Calbraith Perry served as Commandant of the Brooklyn Navy Yard from 1841-43. As early as 1833 he was instrumental in founding its Naval Lyceum to ‘promote the diffusion of useful knowledge – and cement the link which unite professional bretheren.’                       

This original Navy Strength Gin – at 57% ABV – is the historical proof at which gunpowder might still be fired should it unfortunately be soaked by spilled spirit.  ‘Tot’, a British measurement for alcohol, gives nod to Navy Strengths roots.  Aromatic and smooth, Perry’s is ideal for the gin aficionado.

Ten botanicals are sourced for Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin from as near as New York and as far as California and Indonesia. On the nose, quite traditional and juniper led but with a creamy, syrupy naturally sweetness and floral roundness, that almost certainly comes from the wild flower honey. On the palate big and juniper led with citrus, especially grapefruit. Earthy orange and juniper finish. Plenty of power, but packed full of flavour too! 

Volume: 750ml ABV: 57%

Country: USA