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This week we release a very special collaboration with the Yeastie Boys. Last year we took advantage of  Stu from Yeastie Boys being in the country to brew a special old ale utilising both the old British brewing technique of long boiling to gain strength and colour and a strain of wild yeast cultured from a 1977 bottle of Bass Jubilee Ale. We made use of Stu?s jet lag and boiled right through the night turning the wort from pale gold to dark brown via kettle caramelization. The beer was then fermented with our English yeast strain before heading into 500L oak puncheons to referment with the wild yeast for 6 months. The result is malty, fruity, and firmly bitter, with a leathery tangy note from the wild yeast. The beer was brewed to honour the life of my father who passed away last year. While it tastes good now it is designed to be laid down and we have put a 2060 best before date on it.

10% ABV.



$28.99 $27.50