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  • Martin Miller's 9 Moons Single Barrel Aged Gin (Limited)
  • Martin Miller's 9 Moons Single Barrel Aged Gin (Limited)

Martin Miller's 9 Moons Single Barrel Aged Gin (Limited)

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Following on 17 years after Martin Miller’s was first launched, 9 Moons came into fruition as a result of some experimental cocktail creations by an adventurous group of mixologists in New York. They had put Martin Miller’s Gin into mini barrels ultimately producing stunning results.

9 Moons cask aged gin comes from new bourbon oak casks. They are filled with high strength Martin Miller’s Gin then aged for 9 months, or 9 Moons, in Martin Miller’s Gin’s barrel store in Borgarnes, Iceland. Around 2,000 bottles, each individually numbered, are drawn from the casks and then blended at the source to an optimum bottling strength of 40% with Icelandic spring water, adding that Martin Miller’s smooth quality.

By good fortune Iceland’s cold and surprisingly dry climate proves to be the optimal atmosphere for the ageing of gin, presenting many advantages. These conditions gave the ability to slow down the ageing process significantly and allow the capability to precisely measure the progress of this complex and intriguing spirit.

Oak adds a slight vanilla sweetness to 9 Moons, that in turn enhances and amplifies the gin botanicals that lie behind the essential juniper. Citrus notes and some light oak in the finish. 

So good you do not have to add anything to it but just savour on its own!

Volume: 350ml ABV: 40%

Country: Iceland