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  • Lola Y Vera Fruits of the Forest Gin 700ml
  • Lola Y Vera Fruits of the Forest Gin 700ml

Lola Y Vera Fruits of the Forest Gin 700ml

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From the Santamanía distilery in Spain comes an interesting gin named after their stills, Lola y Vera. The Lola y Vera Fruits of the Forest Gin is a handcrafted distilled Gin made using the finest grain spirit to macerate the natural botanicals, and an authentic recipe featuring strawberries, red berries, juniper and citrus.

The technique used for distilling Santamania Lola Y Vera Fruits of the Forest Gin is a combination of two processes. First the dry botanicals, such as juniper, spices and roots, are distilled to obtain a classical gin base, which is blended in a second distillation with the macerated strawberries and red fruits.

The spirit takes its flavours and aroma from a combination of maceration techniques and steam infusion. Both these processes can be carried out in a single distillation, thanks to the characteristics of Lola y Vera's sophisticated copper stills, which give the spirit its superb qualities and create a more complex and aromatic gin than the industrially-produced ones on the market.

Finally, as this is a high-grade spirit, and therefore transparent, it's been given colour by adding freeze-dried natural strawberries.

Bright aroma of fresh strawberries on the nose. Surprisingly tangy strawberry flavour with underlying notes of juniper and coriander on the palate. Moderate finish reminiscent of liquorice makes it perfect for drinking either very cold, straight, or with tonic that is neither too bubbly nor highly flavoured, so the gin itself can be savoured, clear and undisguised.

Enjoy with cold tonic water or lemon with loads of ice. Add a fresh strawberry, raspberry or any red fruit.

Volume: 700ml ABV: 40%

Country: Spain