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  • Lola Y Vera Gin 700ml
  • Lola Y Vera Gin 700ml

Lola Y Vera Gin 700ml

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GFrom the Santamanía distilery in Spain comes an interesting gin named after their stills, Lola y Vera. The Lola y Vera Gin is made by macerating apples in the spirit before filtering them out and distilling the spirit with the rest of the botanicals, including lemon, orange, ginger, cardamom, anise, sunflower, liquorice, cassia and (of course) juniper.

Earthy though crisp juniper, with juicy fruit cutting through cleanly. The taste is spicy with a fruity finish, while nose is elegant and well balanced between fruit and anise aromas.

Lola & Vera Apple Gin is a premium gin made by hand with 100% natural ingredients and without using preservatives or sweeteners or artificial colours. It is  a London Dry Gin that is fresh, bold and brash in every sip. 

We think this gin is "shamelessly fresh" and recommend to accompany it with a slice of apple. We are also in love with the awesome pop art-inspired label! 

Volume: 700ml ABV: 40%

Country: Spain