Liberty Knife Party IPA 330ml 6 pack



Estimated delivery between June 23 and June 25.

Liberty Brewing - Originally brewed for the West Coast IPA Challenge in 2013, the name of this beer wasn't always planned to be so grotesque.  You see...  I had penned the name pretty much every hop variety i could get from the USA thrown in.  However, whilst filling the kegs for this esteemed competition, a song came on Spotify and made the task so much more enjoyable that i decided to change the name.  But let's face it: Yakima Kitchen Sink was a bit of rubbish really!

Anyhow, regardless of the name the beer continued to take out the champion spot which was one of the proud moments in my life.  It's just a shame i wasn't there to enjoy the celebrations!

7.1% ABV.