Klipdrift Premium Brandy 43% 750ml



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Meticulously blended in over 50 year old potstills and an extended maturation period in French oak, this blended brandy is the result of extreme dedication to the art of brandy making and has, over the years, come to be known simply as Premium. Klipdrift Premium drinkers have a true appreciation for the art of brandy making, craftsmanship and the spirit of South African hospitality and generosity. Colour: Amber gold Aroma: An alluring blend of cedar, apple, tobacco, spice and walnuts. Tasting: Klipdrift premium's smooth full-bodied taste is attributed to the use of the finest grapes, meticulous blending, unhurried maturation in French oak and true skill. 

Serving Suggestions: While we recommend enjoying Klipdrift Premium neat or with soda water, tonic, lemonade, and tizers have proved to be popular mixers. 

Source - klipdrift.co.za