Highland Park Triskelion 45.1% 700ml

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Three legendary Highland Park Whisky Makers have collaborated in this latest HP limited edition - Gordon Motion, Max McFarlane and John Ramsay.

The trio hand selected three principal cask types to explore the influence of wood and cask seasoning on the flavour and character of our whisky.

First-fill sherry seasoned Spanish oak butts, first-fill sherry seasoned American oak casks and first-fill bourbon barrels and hogsheads were combined and a small number of refill casks added to provide a degree of softness to the whisky?s final flavour. 

The "deep russet coloured spirit is said to have aromas of 'Seville oranges, coriander seeds, cr?me br?l?e, cloudy honey, lightly peated with a hint of rose'. On the palate, it is said to have notes of ?orange peel, apricots, cumin, vanilla and light smoke?.