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  • Hernö Old Tom Gin

Hernö Old Tom Gin

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Founded in  2011 by Jon Hillgren, Hernö represents Sweden’s first dedicated gin distillery, and at the time was the world's northernmost. Since the distillery's establishment, Hernö have won countless awards across the globe for their range and are renowned for their powerful juniper-driven styles of gin.                                         

Hernö Old Tom is made using eight carefully selected organic botanicals from around the world including juniper berries from Hungary, coriander seeds from Bulgaria, hand-peeled lemons from Italy, lingon berries from Sweden, meadowsweet from the UK, black pepper from India, cassia from Indonesia and fresh vanilla from Madagascar.                   

The Old Tom has an extra amount of meadowsweet included in the distillation, and is gently sweetened with a touch of honey and sugar. The resulting gin is amazingly fresh and focussed, with a layered delivery of herbs and spice that is beautifully complemented by a subtle sweetness on the palate. Undoubtedly one of the very best examples of Old Tom available, the cat’s face on the label harks back to how this traditional style of gin got its name – from the tom cat-shaped plaques outside London gin houses in the 18th Century.                                                                                                       

Volume: 500ml ABV: 43.5%

Country: Sweden