Gonzalez Byass PX Nectar 375ml


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This is a rich, sweet, treacly dessert wine made from PX, which stands for Pedro Ximenez, one of the three classic grape varieties used to make sherry. 

PX is a white grape variety which is typically used to make sweet sherries (although it also makes dry wines in Montilla-Moriles DO, which borders the sherry region). The PX grape is used harvested late then dried in the sun to encourage a shrivelled character, which in turn concentrates the sugars in the grape. This helps to produce intensely richly flavoured wines, which are fermented to a low level of alcohol (usually between 5 to 7% ABV) then fortified and aged in seasoned sherry barrels to mature the wines and add complexity in taste.

The value for money in this wine (and in most PXs) is exceptionally good, due to great concentration of flavour, richness and complexity.

Drink lightly chilled with sticky toffee pudding or warm gingerbread - a match made you know where.