Glenfiddich 12 YO Res 40% 700ml

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If there is one whisky we overlook it's Glenfiddich 12yr. We should remember the groundbreaking work the Grant family did in making Single Malt Scotch available to the world. If it wasn't for them you wouldn't be able to have a dram of your Adelphi and Signatory cask strength whiskies. We'll make no bones about this particular scotch - it is made in massive quantities, and is made to appeal to as many people as possible - by my calculation enough is made to sell 1600 bottles a minute. It is not overly peaty or smoky, rather it is one of the best balanced whiskies we sell. Even people who "don't like whisky"(yes they exist, somewhere) can enjoy a dram of Glenfiddich. The older expressions are well worth looking for as well - particularly the 15 and 21yr old. Nose: Just Juice Tropical, pear, Granny Smith apples, milk chocolate, cloves, toasted;cardamon. Palate: Sweet fruit, apple turnovers, butterscotch, clotted cream, caramel, nougat.; Finish:;A subtle hint of peat and oil, toast.



$81.99 $74.99