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  • Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack

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Launched in 1988 the Gentleman Jack expression is the only whiskey that is twice charcoal mellowed making it a very smooth sipping whiskey. Every bourbon/whiskey has five sources of flavour however in the process of making Jack Daniel's there is a sixth added; charcoal mellowing. The six sources of flavour in making Jack Daniel's are the grain recipe, water source, fermentation, distillation, charcoal mellowing and the maturation process. Where Gentleman Jack differs from Black Label is that it has a second charcoal mellowing process that occurs after initial barrel aging and before bottling; this defines the smoothness Gentleman Jack has to offer.

Lighter oak and drier on the nose than Old No.7. Vanilla, brown sugar, maple and apple. Sweet vanilla, stone fruits and apple on the palate. Subtle oak that develops into a smooth finish of fruit with maple and floral honey.

Take a sip. Just one sip. Then you know why Gentleman Jack, Rare Tennessee Whiskey is so special.

Volume: 700ml ABV: 40%

Country: Tennessee, USA