East Imperial Old World Tonic Water 150ml



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As was the case with original Indian tonic water, East Imperial is now the only tonic water sourcing all the key ingredients from Asia. This is the champagne of tonic waters. This is not a soft drink. 

This is an authentic representation of what tonic water used to be at the turn of the last century before overly sweet tonics became the norm. Unlike other ?diet? tonics, we only use all-natural ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives, and it is gluten-free. With only 30 Calories per serve (7.5gm of natural cane sugar) East Imperial's Old World Tonic is the perfect way to enjoy your G&T without the guilt of calories.

Upgrade your tonic to the authentic choice, and discover a new perspective on the wonderful world of premium gin.


The initial palate is warm with liquorice spice and fresh lavender with a hint of tea, finishing with a luxurious citrus mouth feel.