East Imperial Family Tasting Pack 10 x 150ml


The Tasting Case is the perfect introduction to East Imperial. Inside you’ll find a bottle of each flavour to be savoured with your favourite spirits and a Tasting Menu, giving you tasting notes and a serving suggestion for the range. The perfect way to wrok out which mixer works for you. The Perfect gift idea.

Contains 1 bottle each of the below:

Burma Tonic 150 ml - Warm and spicy with a hint of cinnamon on the palate. The finish is fresh, delicate, and full of zest from Manao Lime. Pairs well with London Dry Gin. 

Mombasa Ginger Beer Tonic 150ml - The palate here is long, starting with a lavish sweetness followed by an almost chilli-like spice that lingers, the final palate is spicy, warming and lasting. Pairs well with Dark Rum and Vodka.

Grapefruit Tonic 150ml - Round and lavish initial palate, packed with pomelo and citrus oil. Finishes with a generous hit of ruby red grapefruit zest. Pairs well with Navy Strength Gin.

Old World Tonic 150ml - The initial palate is warm with liquorice spice and fresh lavender with a hint of tea, finishing with a luxurious citrus mouth feel. Pairs well with herbaceous Gin.

Yuzu Tonic 150ml - Robust citrus bomb upfront with the yuzu zest playing hero alongside the bitterness of quinine. The finish is somewhat sherbert with a moorish floral and sweet note. Pairs well with citrus forward Gin.

Yuzu Lemonade 150ml - From punchy citrus to full bodied velvety sweetness. Crisp and dry with floral notes of Yuzu to finish. Pairs well with Tequila and Gin.

Thai Dry Ginger Ale 150ml - Light to start with a hint of florality. The warmth of ginger comes through mid-palate and really delivers the citrus and spice botanicals which are long and lingering. Pairs well with Whisky and Bourbon.

Kima Kola 150ml - Vibrant and citric with balanced bitterness on the palate, evolving into a rich, long and dry spiced finish. Pairs well with dark spirits.

Grapefruit Soda 150ml - Full & fresh with a floral hint, rolling into a tight dryness and fizz. Tropical and zesty finish. Pairs well with Tequila and Rum. 

Soda Water 150ml - Light refreshing and slightly effervescent, throughout heavy hints of minerality and balance with an ever so slight salinity. Pairs well with premium Vodka and Whisky.

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