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  • Distillery Botanica Gin

Distillery Botanica Gin

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Award winning Gin from Distillery Botanica, a boutique distillery tucked away on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales.

Distillery Botanica Gin has been created to capture as purely as possible, the essence of strolling through a garden in summer. Featuring the hero botanical Murraya, which for many, epitomises the distinctive smell of an Australian Summer garden. Distillery Botanica Gi features the fragrance of jasmine, the sweetness of honeysuckle, and the purity of orange blossom.

In order to extract the purest perfume, Distillery Botanica uses ‘enfleurage’, a thousand-year-old technique which involves placing florals and botanicals on a layer of coconut oil, into which their fragrance diffuses over two or three days. 

Distillery Botanica Gin has a pure and ultra fresh nose with a juniper and black pepper base overlaid by sweet floral top notes. Creamy on the palate with juniper, herbal and floral flavours. Peppery, fresh and long finish.

We recommend serving Distillery Botanica Gin with Semillon, tonic water and a lemon wedge to garnish. Another great cocktail is Distillery Botanica Gin with vermouth and benedictine, served with a few drops of herb and olive oil.

Volume: 700ml ABV: 42%

Country: Australia