Craftwork Dark Lord Quad 500ml



Estimated delivery between June 20 and June 22.

Brewed in honor of St.  Arnolds day, this Strong Dark Ale has lain in wait for eight long months, before returning.  Once a legend of the bad old homebrew days, it now re-emerges as Craftwork's strongest beer

A colossal brew day using distiller's malt, two strains of yeast and time, have resulted in a Belgian Quadrupel of great depth and depravity, tasting of rich fruit cake with notes of licorice.

Take care when imbibing this fireside tipple, and perhaps hang a crucifix above your bed.  Music match to old Nick's Murder Ballads.

Unfiltered, bottle conditioned, unpasteurized in the trad manner, for full flavour.

Distiller's malt, wheat, oats, panela sugar.  Crystal malts, noble hops, water, yeast and time.

10% ABV.