Crafters Aromatic Flower Gin 700ml


Crafter's Aromatic Flower Gin is dstilled in Liviko, Estonia. The distillery's oldest pot still Mamma Ilse, named after their legendary master Ilse Maar, is at the core of their distilling heritage. The distillery is still in the same historic building in the heart of Tallinn. 

Crafters Aromatic Flower Gin has 12 botanicals including rosehip flowers and meadowsweet. Not only is it wonderfully floral, the gin changes colour from copper gold to light pink when mixed with tonic! The magic is all natural and is credit to the  rose hip flower pigments. 

Aromatic on the nose. Floral and rich on the palate. Rose hip flower, meadowsweet, lavender, rose, chamomile and elderflower bouquet is responsible for the sweet and round character of the gin. Juniper berries, fennel, orange, lemon, coriander and exotic yuzu all attribute to the crisp, fresh and spicy character. 

An artisanal gin made with love that is perfect with premium tonic or in cocktails! Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin is quite a showstopper… gintainment! The show must go on.

Volume: 700ml

ABV: 44.3%

Country: Estonia

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